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Injured workers use our service to get connected for free.

We offer the following to those in need:


Quality Attorneys

We listen to injury victims and connect them to a skilled and proven lawyer, knowledgeable in New Jersey Worker’s Comp law.

Extensive Network

Our network of lawyers has been built over decades, connecting victims to attorneys that have been proven trustworthy.

Free Connection Service

Our service is entirely free to the injury victim, only receiving payment if the injury victim wins their case.

If you’ve been hurt at work there is no time to waste. You need the best advice possible, as quickly as possible, to ensure that you make the right decisions and give yourself the opportunity to receive compensation should it be warranted.

Worker’s compensation is a complicated area of law. Navigating it alone, especially while injured, can lead to stress, confusion, and ultimately disappointment. Employers and their insurance companies will have competent legal counsel working on every compensation case that gets filed, including yours. If you do not have equally talented legal representation you are likely to be bullied or tricked into taking less money than you may deserve.

Our job isn’t to take your case, and as such this is not a solicitation. Our function is to connect with injured victims, listen to the details of their situation, and connect them with an attorney in our network that we believe gives them the best chance for success. We help educate, guide, and connect injury victims.consultant for law firms Best of all, our service is free. The lawyers in our network work on contingency, which means they only get paid if they win their case for you.

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“After injuring my spine at work I wasn’t sure what to do. Bill Hayes listened to my case and found the right kind of lawyer for me. It was a life saver and I wouldn’t have been able to navigate my way through this injury without him.”
Ryan Ganssle

How it works

If you’re interested in our service, here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect:

1. You describe your injury.

Use our online consultation form to tell us about yourself and your injury.

2. We follow up with you.

We might need some clarification on certain events, so we will contact you.

3. We access our network.

Using the specifics of your case we carefully select an attorney that meets your needs.

4. You get connected.

We make the connection between you and the attorney, leaving you in good hands.

Fill out the form below and we'll connect you to a qualified injury attorney in New Jersey - For Free! Our Privacy Policy.

Words of support from people we’ve helped

These are accounts from injury victims who have used our service:

“I had a desk job but was asked to move some boxes one day. I heard a pop in my shoulder and was seriously hurt. I needed guidance – luckily I found WCNJ and The Hayes Firm.”
Carla Shultz

“I was on the construction site and was hit in the eye by a broken bungee. My company did little to help so I reached out to WCNJ and finally got some guidance.”
Robert Heffenger

“Sometimes when you work for a big company you feel like just another number. I know I did, especially when they tried to make my injury go away without compensation. Bill Hayes and WCNJ helped me fight for money that was warranted from the injury.”
Steve Zabzick

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