About Us

Who We Are

Workman’s Compensation is owned and operated by Bill Hayes, owner of The Hayes Firm. Bill has decades of experience as a personal injury lawyer practicing in the state of New Jersey. In addition to his reputation as a skilled trial attorney, he has also spent decades developing a personal network of Worker’s Compensation contacts who have proven themselves to be both ethical and highly competent. By utilizing this network Bill has helped many injury victims receive the compensation they deserved, and was the impetus for creating this website designed to reach out to as many injury victims as possible.

What We Do

Our role is simple – we listen to your injury situation and determine the best legal course of action. Depending on variables such as statute of limitations it may not be possible to pursue legal recourse in your injury case. However, if it does seem feasible, Bill and his The Hayes Firm will get you connected to an attorney who is experienced with your kind of case. No matter what, you can expect straight talk and valuable advice at no charge.

Why Our Service is Free

A lot of potential clients wonder how we can afford to offer our service for free. After all – nothing in life is free, right? Here’s how it works –

If we believe your injury case has a chance at success we will connect you with one of the attorneys in our network that we think has the best chance of success for you. That attorney will work on a contingency basis, which means he/she only gets paid if you win your case. We receive a portion of that contingency cut. As such, you can see how our service is free to you while taking a nominal fee from the attorney. We feel this is a truly ethical and incentivized way to help our clients.

Free Consultation for Injured Victims

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