A question that workers’ compensation lawyers often get from their clients is “what is the role of the nurse case manager in my workers’ compensation case?”

When you have been injured at work and have filed a workers’ compensation claim with the insurance company, you might actually hear from both an adjuster who has been assigned to handle your claim, as well as, a someone calling themselves a nurse case manager.

What is a Nurse Case Manager?

Nowadays, the workers’ compensation insurance companies are hiring these people to find ways to assist you in getting the medical care you need, as well as, to find ways to minimize the medical care you receive and reduced the cost to the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Types of Nurse Case Managers

There are generally two kinds of nurse case managers. Firstly, there is the nurse case manager who only contacts you by phone. He or she may call you to check on your recovery and find out what treatment your physician has recommended or call your physician to inquire about a report they received. For the most part, you don’t need to be concerned about this type of nurse case manager because what they do want usually interfere with your workers’ compensation claim.

However, there is another kind of nurse case manager who pops up at your doctor’s appointments, or asks to accompany you when you visit the doctor, and may even go so far as to consult with your doctor when you are not present, all of which are huge red flags. In fact, this second kind of nurse case manager has a tendency to cause more problems than they solve.

Do I have to Work With a Nurse Case Manager?

You are allowed to refuse your nurse case manager’s visits. Furthermore, you are not required to cooperate with this person and your lawyers will usually suggest that you don’t.

On the other hand, there are some cases where a nurse case manager can be beneficial, such as in the following situations:

  • You have suffered an extremely traumatic injury;
  • You need multiple surgical procedures to deal with your injury;
  • You have suffered a severe disability; or
  • You have been placed in the hospital or a nursing home until you recover from your injury.

In these situations, a nurse case manager can help you deal with the various aspects of a complicated workers’ compensation case. But, if your workers compensation claim is relatively simple, you should simply say no and avoid the nurse case manager whenever you can.

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