Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a medical condition that often results from a very stressful experience or multiple stressful experiences. This can include stressful experiences that happen at work.

Many workers are exposed to stressful situations on the job. Fireman, police officers and emergency medical personnel are often involved in stressful situations on the job. Other workers like convenience store clerks in stores that get robbed are also exposed to highly stressful situations.

The question is, however, if a worker develops PTSD as a result of something that happened on the job, is their condition covered by New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law. The answer to this question is often yes.

PTSD and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law

New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law, unlike the laws of many other states, does not differentiate between physical injuries and psychological or emotional injuries. In New Jersey, any injury or medical condition (physical or psychological) is compensable under a workers’ compensation claim as long as it arises out of and in the course of your employment.

An injury is said to have arisen out of the course of employment when the conditions of your work contributed to you being injured or developing a medical condition. This does not require you to have been engaged in work for your employer when the injury occurs, as long as what you do at work contributed to your injury or condition in one way or another. An injury or condition is said to have arisen in the course of your employment if it occurred during a period when you were on the clock, at your place of employment, or when you were engaged in fulfilling the duties of your employment.

So, as long as your PTSD was induced by the specific conditions under which you work (and not general day-to-day stress that accompanies all types of employment) it will be covered by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance. What’s more, the cause of your PTSD does not have to be any particular stressful event, but can instead be the result of the cumulative effects of job-related stress.

Submitting a Workers’ Compensation Claim For PTSD

Although work-related PTSD is compensable under New Jersey workers’ compensation law, filing a claim can be considerably more complicated than filing a claim for an ordinary physical injury. In most cases, receiving workers’ compensation for PTSD will require you to backup your claim with expert medical evidence and to be working with an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation claims for psychological or emotional injuries. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you submit the claim and the documentation needed for the claim to be accepted, and ensure that you receive the medical attention you need to treat your condition properly.

Contact Workman’s Compensation for New Jersey

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